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Scholarly Work on Ahmadiyya

  1. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad - The Mehdi Messiah of Qadian, by Rev. Hervey DeWitt Griswold (1902)
  2. The Ahmadiya Movement (PDF, 408 KB), by Hervey DeWitt Griswold (1912)
  3. The Messiah of Qadian (PDF, 1MB), by Hervey DeWitt Griswold (1905)
  4. Modern Religious Movements in India (Extract), by J. N. Farquhar, Calcutta, India, 1920
  5. The Ahmadiya Movement, by H. A. Walter, "Religious Life of India Series" (1918)
  6. The Ahmadiya Movement To-day (PDF, 714 KB), by H. A. Walter (1916)
  7. Prophecy Continuous by Yohanan Friedmann
  8. Ahmadiyyah Movement - A History and Perspective, by Spencer Lavan (Manohar Books, out of print) - Link to PDF
  9. Ahmadiyah Movement - Past and Present by Spencer Lavan, Tufts University, 1976
  10. Ahmadiyyah - A Study in Contemporary Islam on the West African Coast by Humphrey J. Fisher, 1963
  11. The Ahmadiyya Movement in Nigeria by Humphrey J. Fisher, 1961
  12. Ahmadiyyat in Pakistan by S. E. Brush
  13. The Ahmadis of Islam: A Mormon Encounter and Perspective by Garth N. Jones
  14. The Concept of Evolution in Ahmadiyyah Thought by Humphrey J. Fisher, 1959
  15. Towards the Definition of a Muslim in an Islamic State: The Case of the Ahmadiyya in Pakistan by Charles H. Kennedy Link to PDF
  16. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's Obituary in The Times, 17 June 1908.
  17. Dynamics of Marriage Distances among the Ahmadiyyas, by Lalit Kumar Kashyap
  18. Recognizing the Messiah, by Nuzhat J. Haneef
  19. The Ahmadiyya Jama'at: History, Belief, Practice (Columbia/Hurst), by Simon Ross Valentine. ISBN 9780231700948
  20. Proselytizing through Print: The Ahmadiyya from 1880-1908 by Shazia Ahmad
  21. The Ahmadiyya Defined: Colonial Constructions of ‘Sect’ and ‘Community’ in the Punjab, 1881 to 1924 by Shazia Ahmad
  22. Moral Languages from Colonial Punjab: The Singh Sabha, Arya Samaj and Ahmadiyah by Bob van der Linden (2008)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad



  1. Seal of the Saints by Michel Chodkiewicz English, French, Arabic,
  2. Qadianism: a Critical Study by Syed Abdul Hasan Ali Nadvi, 1967
  3. Rauzabal and other mysteries of Kashmir, by Mohammad Yasin, Srinagar, Kesar Publishers, 1972.
  4. African American Islam by Aminah Beverly McCloud
  5. The Indian Musalmans, by W.W. Hunter, Third Edition, 1876 PDF Link
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