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تریاق القلوب

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Alternate Romanized Name



Medicine for Hearts






Mirza Ghulam Ahmad




28 October 1902


Continuing on the theme of Signs and Prophecies. Portions of this book were published in 1900 but the compilation as a whole was published in 1902.


  • Pages 1-9 (RK 129-137) : Poem in Persian
  • Pages 9-44 (RK 137-171) : Main topic and Challenge to be answered by published advertisement instead of letter
  • Pages 45-64 (RK 172-191) : Appendix - List of people
  • Pages 65-359 (RK 192-486 ) 295 pages Appendix 2 - List of Signs - a recap of all the author's prophecies and the controversies surrounding them.
    • 1. Nawab Sardar Muhammad Hayat Khan had been suspended from his post and he asked me to pray for him . . .
    • 25. Birth of sons and promised sons

      . . . the prophecy of the promised son was that he would 'turn 3 into 4'. So, three sons had been born and then now the fourth one has been born, who has turned '3 into 4'. . .

      (note: the fourth son died in a young age and both Qadiani and Lahori Ahmadis hold that the author made a mistake in this 'prophecy' and repeatedly erred in its fulfilment)
    • 75. Adam's era finished with me . . .

      As it is accepted with Sufis that existence by ranks are cyclical, thereby Abraham (as) with respect to his nature and similarity of heart, 2500 years after his death, was born again in the household of Abdullah son of Abdul Muttalib and was called by the name of Muhammad (saw). The cyclical nature of existence by ranks is ancient, and since the world was created and is included in the way of Allah. (RK p.477)
      . . .
      The part of the book with all the prophecies has not been published as the book Nuzool-ul-Masih has made that redundant as it contains 150 prophecies.

  • Pages 360-373 (RK 487- 500) : Appendix 3 - Request to British Government -
  • Pages 374-379 (RK 501-506 ) : Appendix 4 - Adverstisement about a Divine prophecy
  • Pages 380-385 (RK 507-512) : Prayer for a Divine sign in the authors's favour.
  • Pages 386-389 (RK 513-516): Communication to the author's followers
  • Pages 390-401 (RK 517-528): Notice to the author's followers and to the government regarding Jihad.