Ahmadiyya and the Internet

Effect of Internet

Like all cults, the Internet has been a bane for the Ahmadiyya, as they struggle to catch up to a review of their history and their sources (this site being a prime example). On the other hand, it has expanded their reach and their is a clear attempt to flood and saturate online media with propaganda in order to hold on to their members.

Use of the Internet and Prohibition from Use

The Ahmadiyya make very good use of the Internet in an official capacity but the Qadianis have mixed view on it - view three conflicting policy directions:

Letter from [Mirza Masroor Ahmad] in 2010

Letter to Women in 2010

Dear Sadr Sahiba

Assalamo alaikum wa Rehmatullah wa Barakatohu

May Allahtallah grant you and your family a long life in good health and happiness. Amen. In the wake of recent opposition by non Ahmadi Muslims, in the UK, against our Jama’at, this is just a reminder for all of us to be aware of the circumstances and to take extreme caution, especially the youth who can be easily targeted by the opposition. Hence, Ahmadi girls, especially those in universities, should not join any Islamic unions or groups on campus, as such groups can also begin to spread hatred against our Jamaat. Young girls should be extremely cautious when making new friends at colleges and universities. They should also not be over confident and trusting with friends they have known for longer. As we all know, the internet can have positive points but we should also keep in our mind the dangers then can arise. A girl’s honour, respect and dignity, is very precious and difficult to get back once lost. Girls should be strongly discouraged from uploading their pictures on the Internet or giving them away otherwise, for example as part of a group picture. Girls should be discouraged from joining any social online network, as anyone can pose as an Ahmadi in order to try and befriend Ahmadi girls with the sole purpose of influencing them negatively against the Jama’at. Please continue to pray that Allah may protect all of us against harm, Ameen. Jazakallah. Wassalam,


Shmaila Nagi

Sadr Lajna Imaillah UK

Letter from 2004

Guidelines in 2011

Guidelines and Instructions received from Hudhur-e-Anwar (aba)

regarding the use of Electronic Media

1. It is imperative for every member of Jama’at Ahmadiyya to safeguard themselves from misuse of modern media tools (internet, cell phones, text messaging, chatrooms, and TV channels, all social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc) and to refrain from use of these facilities.

2. Facebook has more harms than benefits. The use of Facebook leads to many negative repercussions, thus becoming the source of much distress for users. In particular, girls should exercise extreme caution in this regard. There are many users who are visiting these Facebook pages, reading the posts and commenting on them. This is completely wrong practice and we should safeguard ourselves from these types of inappropriate interactions and not engage in them.

3. As far as using Facebook for the purpose of tabligh is concerned, Alislam.org has created an official Facebook account and daiyaat are requested to visit this page, if needed. If someone is interested in engaging in tabligh, they do not have any need to post their pictures for any reason.

4. In terms of rules for posting pictures on Facebook, there is no distinction between girls and boys. If you know of a male who has an account on Facebook, and has posted pictures, please report immediately to Sadr Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya, and notify Amir Sahib as well. Similarly, if any Lajna or Nasirat member has posted their pictures on Facebook, they should be requested to immediately remove them.

5. It is the duty of parents to monitor their children’s TV and internet use very conscientiously. Children should not be allowed to watch vulgar programmes on TV and careful eye should be kept on their internet use. Watching these programs is tantamount to fornication of the eyes. It is also not appropriate for them to have a cell phone in their hands all the time. Mothers should also learn how to use the internet, so they can carefully monitor their children.

6. Some parents are not very well-educated regarding modern technology and internet use. It is the duty of the Jama’at and the auxiliary organizations (Ansarullah, Lajna Ima’illah and Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya) to organize awareness programmes about these tools and promote understanding regarding safe use.

7. Where girls and boys attend a co-education institution for their academics, then it is o.k as far as seeking education is concerned. They should not extend friendship between themselves, unless only for academic-related need, and shouldn’t indulge in needless talk, whether in person, over text messaging, Facebook, or phone calls.

May Allah ta’ala safeguard every member of the Jama’at from every kind of trouble, and keep him under Divine protection. Ameen.

Letter in Urdu