Extremist Views

Extreme View on Apostasy

While the views about apostasy in Islam vary, the Ahmadiyya held, and still hold, some of the most extreme views on apostasy, while complaining about other Muslims. Here is a 2008 Ahmadiyya publication quoting their past leaders:

Al-Musleh, Karachi, Vol. 18, Numbers 15-16 , August 2008, Page 260

Quoting a Hadith from Muslim through Hadiqatus-Saliheen, Hadith # 641, the author says:

. . . even a merciful person like Muhammad(saw) has declared a person who demands (that a Khalifa step aside for another) as 'wajibul-qatl' (must be killed).

This deciding quotation from Prophet Muhammad(saw), it is clear that demanding that a rightly-guided Khalifa abdicate is not legal and whosoever demands something of this sort and tries to make his own separate little one-and-a-half-brick mosque – he is instigating insurrection and a destroyer of the unity of the nation, and by which the ummah can be destroyed. In this way he is deserving of the punishment of death.

Then quoting Hakeem Nooruddin from Al-Hakam, Qadian, 21-28 June, 1912, page 20, from Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyyat, Vol.3, new edition, page 401:

If you try too hard to make me abdicate, then remember that I have such 'Khalid bin Waleed''s with me who will mete out the punishment of apostates to you.

Page 262: A person who demands that a Khalifa abdicate, whether an individual or a group, is wrong, mistaken, instigator of rebellion, and its punishment is to kill it/them.

Extreme Views on Women's Dress

Until very recently, the Ahmadiyya have insisted on the full burqa and niqab for all their members. Now, after the prominence of the issue in the West, it is not enforced but the womenfolk of all senior members adhere to it as a model. However, see the letter below that show how even jeans are considered inappropriate for women: