Roohani Khazain

The phrase 'Roohani Khazain' literally means 'spiritual treasures'. It is a collection of almost all of the books and booklets of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and was compiled after his death. Most of the Advertisements are included in his books, but some are not, and can be found separately under Advertisements. Some of his speeches that were published in periodicals or recorded using notes are found separately under Speeches, and letters that he wrote or received are under Letters.

Page-numbering guidelines and problems

Since the author's original books are rarely published as continuing editions, most references to his books are from this collection. Unfortunately, a dual page-numbering scheme pervades this compendium – the number of the original book, and the page number of the compendium (within each volume number). Thus, the reader will find references to 'RK' page numbers and also the book page numbers. In another unfortunate twist, individual books are typeset again when they are made a part of this compendium, and new page numbers were assigned, rather than the last printed edition's page numbers. This happens with each new edition of the compendium (last one in 1984). To compound the problem further, in the PDF versions of this collection, the PDF page numbers may not also match the RK page numbers.

New Computerised Version of Roohani Khazain

To their credit, the Qadiani organisation has kept the original RK page numbers in this version, and kept the original book page numbers in the margins. However, new 'books' have been added at the end of various volumes, which used to be theological articles printed in magazines. We believe that they should have been added as an extra volume.

RK Volume to Book/Pamphlet Mapping