Seven ingredients of Zadjam-i-Ishq - an aphrodisiac of 'divine origin' used and prescribed by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The recipe called for equal portions of the ingredients, and any equal portion of mercuric sulfide sould be very toxic.

Copied from the author's books, with the Urdu names of the ingredients. These names are important as they spell out ز۔د۔ج۔ا۔م۔ع۔ش ق – the name of the concoction, which roughly means 'an increase in the cup of love'.

  1. زعفرانZaafran - Saffron: aphrodisiac
  2. دار چی...نیDar Chini: Cinnamon - harmonises blood flow
  3. جائفل Jaifal: Nutmeg - intoxicant
  4. افیم Afeem - Opium: Hallucinogenic and causes mental imbalance
  5. مشک Musk: to give it a nice smell . . .
  6. عقر قرحا Aqar Qarha: Anacyclus pyrethrum - poisonous and aphrodisiac
  7. شنگرفShangraf: Calcified Mercury Sulfide - highly toxic aphrodisiac - causes mental imbalance
  8. قرنفلQaranfal - cloves (long): in high doses, vomiting, seizures, kidney damage

Solvent: Oil of Samm al-Faar: Withania somnifera - poisonous and aphrodisiac

Other References:

From Seeratul Mahdi, number 569,

"Dr. Mir Ismail stated to me that late Hafiz Khadim Ali, servant of the Promised Messiah stated that when mgaq got married second time, he felt weakness in his powers due to long time in celibacy and hard work. Upon this he got "revealed prescription" which is known as "zad-e-jam-e-ishq" prepared and used.

So, that prescription proved to be full of blessings. Khalifa 1 (Hakeem Nooruddin) used to say that I gave that prescription to a wealthy childless man. He got baby boy by grace of God and he presented me with diamond bangles."

After that there are ingredients of the prescription that includes opium.

And there is a statement, " There are two sayings about the prescription being divinely revealed, either this prescription was divinely revealed or someone told this to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and a divine revelation recommended its use.. Allah knows better"

  • This prescription is still sold and used among the Ahmadiyya
  • Currently, an apothecary in Delhi is selling a very similar formula