Abuse and Vile Language

Obsession with 'Haramzada' (Bastard)

This was the favourite abusive word used by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. This example will give the reader an idea of the ways in which he used this word (Anwar-ul-Islam, Roohani Khazain Vol. 9, page 32):

Food and drink is 'haram' (forbidden) for him if he reads this advertisement and does not go to Mr. Abdullah Atham, and if not for the fear of God then for the fear of this dirty label (bastard) . . . Christians were victorious otherwise it is a sign of bastards that . . . we do not call anyone illegitimate nor name someone bastard unless . . . . what can we say except 'mistake once, mistake twice, third is the mother's mistake (illegitimate birth)'.

The original edition of the book Anwar-ul-Islam had the Urdu translation of the last part of the passage, which is a Persian saying.

Self-awareness of Abuse and Mistransalation

The 1890s were the 'death prophecy' period of Mirza's career and he would lash out with abuse at everyone whenever he was criticized or his prophecies failed.

As a result of this non-scholarly approach, scholars and leaders of other faiths would not stoop to his level and started to ignore Mirza, which was interpreted by his followers as 'victory'. One of the things this site has done is to bring out evidence from history that those opponents wrote scholarly replies and left it at that, and those replies were not generally accessible.

Mirza's followers often say that Mirza's abuse was his response to abuse levelled at him. This is largely incorrect as other scholars and leaders had large followings and literary ranking and would not have stooped to abuse and we have evidence of their replies and books now, which may have been sarcastic but not abusive. Also, Mirza himself negates this in Kashf-ul-Ghita when, under pressure from the authorities, he says that he preaches and practices no abuse even if abused.

Here is an interesting contrast that shows his own awareness of this issue: He called Saadullah 'son of prostitution' in an Arabic poem (from 1890s) and translated it into Persian as it is in Arabic. Years later, when Mirza was gloating over the death of Saadullah, he left out the vile epithet in the Urdu translation -- not once, but twice:

Original with correct Persian translation. (Anjam-e-Atham, RK vol. 11, page 282):

You have pained me with filth and I would not be truthful

If you do not die in humiliation, O son of Prostitution

Then, on page 446 of the Appendix of Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi (RK, vol. 22), there is no mention of the offensive phrase in the translation:

And again on page 450 of the same, there is a longer translation, but no mention of the abusive phrase that is there in Arabic. Mirza mentions that the translations are his own.

Opponent's Wives

About Abdul Haq's wife:

"Ab Abdul Haq ko zaroor poochna chahiey ke uss ka wo mubahla ki barkat ka larka (boy) kahan gaya, kia andar hi andar pait me tahleel(disappear) pa gia ya phir rajaat qahqari(again) ker ke nutfa bun gia" (Roohani Khazain Volume 11, Page 311)

And again, "aur ab tak iss ( Abdul Haq ) ki aurat ke pait sei aik chooha bhi paida na hoa" (Roohani Khazain Volume 11, Page 311)

About Sa'adullah's wife:

"Khuda ne uss ki Biwi ke reham(bacha dani) per mohar laga di" (Roohani Khazain Volume.22, Page 444)

Abuse of Hindus

  • "The STUPID and ILLITERATE and EVIL (KAMEENA) NATURED certain Aryans of Qadian...." (Nuzool-e-Maseeh p.6)
  • "For these people (Aryans) to lie is mother's milk. They are Satans not humans..." (Nuzool-e-Maseeh p.11)
  • "Thus O Aryans!...O Impious and stone-hearted Nation!...He is a first class wicked natured and impious natured .." (Tatamma Haqeeqatul Wahi p.156)
  • "Wicked-natured Lekhram. Alas! This seed of profanity and obscenity was brought by Dayanand in this country.... Lekhram Peshawari who was absolutely stupid and a boil (Aablaa)." (Cashma-e-Maarifat p.3)
  • "Such kind of profanity and foul language and mischievousness is a special Aryans' way." (ibid. p.6)
  • "Thieves and professional dishonest..." (Arya Dharam p.25)
  • "Uttering such abusive words of meanness (SIFLA-PUN) from the mouth and then wrote something on our advertisement.." (ibid. p.25)
  • "Maharaj with wicked soul said.... Wicked Pandit..." (ibid. p.31,34)
  • "These KAMEENA-natured people were already eager to criticise and on top of that they got hold of some Mischievous and Stupid Christians and Satanic Inclinations instructed them they are all true, thus they also took their share of this Black face and Embarrassment, which is now evident on the faces of Stupid Christian Priests." (Ibid. p.47)
  • "Otherwise they are faithless and Professional dishonest." (ibid. p.60)
  • "O Stupid Aryas! Go and jump into some well and kill yourself." (ibid. p.62)
  • "Lekhram's nature had a lot of element of Fabrications and lies.." (Istafta p.7)
  • "This USELESS (NaaLaaiq) Hindu was the same person who boasted to be a Pundit and remembered Bawa Saheb with words like stupid and backward.... and how evil this nature is that for pious people bad words are blurted out immediately.... thus no good person considered him a good man." (Sat Bachan p.6)
  • "Like Dayanand they were not in the darkness of illiteracy and miserliness." (ibid. p.7)
  • "Actually this person (Dayanand) was absolutely Black-hearted and enemy of good people ... this Truth-ignoring and ZAALIM Pundit...."(ibid. p.8)
  • "Because of the instigations of this same STUPID (nadaan) Pandit, had the right... This DRY-BRAINED PUNDIT (khushk dimaagh) was absolutely UNFORTUNATE (bey-naseeb) and WRETCHED (bey-bahraa) .... he was EXTREMELY THICK SKULLED PERSON and for this reason he was also a FIRST RATE PROUD MAN." (ibid. p.9)
  • "But Dayanand did not desire to remove this PALEED CHOOLA (dirty dress) of BUKHL (meanness) and TA'ASUB (racism) from his body, thus he did not receive a clean dress and he remained luckless in receiving true inspiration and true teachings ..... and how can such an opportunity arise for a Pundit like him who is drowned in the TA'ASUB OF NAAHAQ (racism of falsehood) and FITREE GHABAAWAT (natural stupidity) .... and to prove the ignorance of Bawa saheb through this is NIHAYAT SIFLAAPUN (absolute meanness). ... this ZOOD-RANJ (fast-offended) Pundit has shown such AHMAQAANA JOSH (idiotic vigour) at a small linguistic alteration." (ibid. p.12)
  • "He himself was engaged in such MOTEY KHAYAALAAT (Fat thoughts) and Mistakes that even the GANWAAR (Backwards) of villages would hardly exceed him." (ibid. p.13)
  • "It is the way of SHAREER (Mischievous) people that at the time of LAMPOONING someone they would begin with a word of praise, as if they are just-natured." (ibid. 13)
  • "But Dayanand remained blind even in those days when Vedas had been translated in England and Germany." (ibid. 19)
  • "O NALAAIQ (Ill-deserved) Aryans! (ibid. 36)

About General Muslims

  • "Except for the CHILDREN OF PROSTITUTE, whose hearts have been sealed by God, everyone else believes in me and has accepted me." (Aina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.547)
  • "God has revealed to me that anyone to whom my message has reached and he has not accepted me , he is not a muslim." (Letter of Mirza to Dr. Abdul Hakeem Khan Patialvi)
  • "I have God’s inspiration that 'he who does not follow you and will not enter your Ba’ith and remain your opponent, he is disobedient of God and His Prophet, Hellish." (Advertisement in M’ayaar-ul-Akhyar by Mirza Ghulam p.8)
  • "Thus remember as God has informed me, it is forbidden and absolutely forbidden to pray behind any disbeliever and hesitant; but is should be that your imam should be one of you." (Arba’een No 3, Roohani Khazain vol.17 p.417 footnote)
  • Some one asked a question and Mirza has replied to it. Both are mentioned in his book, Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi. "Question: Huzoor-e-aali has mentioned in thousands of places that it is not at all right to call KAFIR a Kalima-go (one who recites a Kalima) and an Ahle-Qibla. It is quite obvious that except those Mo’mineen who become Kafir by rejecting you, just by not accepting you no one becomes a Kafir. But you write to Abdul Hakeem Khan that anyone who has recieved my message and he has not accepted me, he is not muslim. There is contradiction between this statement and the statements in previous books. Earlier in ‘Tiryaq-ul-Quloob’ etc. you had mentioned that no one becomes Kafir by not accepting you and now you are writing that ‘by rejecting me he becomes a Kafir.’ (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.167)
  • Muslim women were called 'bitches' (see Urdu text below)
  • Muslim men are 'pigs of the jungle' (see Urdu text below)
  • Muslim scholars are 'piles of excrement' (see Urdu text below)

Urdu text explaining the abuse (unknown writer):

۔البتہ اس جگہ آپ کے علم میں مرزا صاحب کے وہ الفاظ لانا مناسب سمجھتا ھوں جو انھوں نے ان علماء اور مسلمانوں کے خلاف استعمال کیے ھیں جو سلطنت برطانیہ کے خلاف تھے ۔لکھتے ھیں کہ "بعض احمق اور نادان سوال کرتے ھیں کہ اس گورنمنٹ سے جہاد کرنا درست ھے یا نھیں ،سو یاد رھے کہ یہ سوال انکا نہایت حماقت کا ھے کیونکہ جسکے احسانات کا شکر کرنا عین فرض اور واجب ھے اس سے جہاد کیسا ۔میں سچ کہتا ھون کہ محسن کی بدخواھی کرنا ایک "حرامی اور بدکار "آدمی کا کام ھے "(خ6:380 )اس تحریر کو پڑھ کر مولانا منظور نعمانی صاحب (محقق و نامی گرامی عالم )نے لکھا کہ "میں مرزا کو نہایت ذلیل ذھنیت کا ایک سرکار پرست آدمی سمجھتا ھوں " (قادیانیت پر غور کرنے کا سیدھا راستہ صفحہ # 24 )یا مرزا قادیانی کی اس تحریر سے آپ واقف ھونگے جس میں انھوں نے ان مسلمانوں کو رنڈیوں یا فاحشہ کی اولاد کہ ڈالا جنھوں نے مرزا صاحب کی دعوت کی تصدیق نھیں کی۔( خ 5:547 ) ان لوگوں میں آپ سمیت اور وہ تمام غیر قادیانی حضرات شامل ھیں جو اس فورم میں شامل ھیں ۔آج تک اس قسم کی فحش اور بازاری زبان کسی شخص نے استعمال نھیں کی۔ایسے شخص کے بارے میں آپ کی کیا رائے ھے ؟یا مرزا صاحب نے مشہور عالم مولانا عبد الحق غزنوی کو کہا کہ "تم نے حق کو چھپانے کےلیے جھوٹ کا گوہ کھایا ھے اور لکھا کہ پس اے بد ذات خبیث دشمن اللہ اور رسول کے-(خ 11:334 )اور مولویوں کے خلاف جھوٹ منسوب کرکے قابل نفرت اور مکروہ زبان استعمال کرکے لکھ دیا کہ "اے بے باک لوگو:۔ جھوٹ بولنا اور گوہ کھانا ایک برابر ھے "(22:215 ) اسی تحریر کے پیش نظر اگر کوئ مسلم مرزا قادیانی کے جھوٹ کسی تختی پر لکھ کر ان کی قبر پر رکھ کر پیش کردے تو آپ کی نظر میں کیا وہ بھی بقول آپ کے لعنتی کہلائے گا ؟ کیونکہ یہی الفاظ آپ نے عاطف بھائ کے لیے بھی استعمال کیے ھیں ۔یا مرزا صاحب نے اپنے مخالف علماء کے بارے میں کہا کہ " یہ علماء گدھے ھیں " (خ 11:331 )یا مخالفین کو لکھ دیا کہ "بے شک دشمن بیابانوں کے خنزیر ھوگئے اور انکی عورتیں کتّیوں سے بڑھ گئیں یا آپ کو اور ھم سب مسلمانون کو بلکہ تمام علماء کرام ،مجدد کرام اور صحابہ کرام کو حیات مسیح کا عقیدہ رکھنے کی بنا پر شرک عظیم میں مبتلا کہا ھے جبکہ عقیدہ حیات مسیح اور ختم نبوت پر تمام مسلمانوں کا ہر دور میں اجماع رھا ھے جس سے اختلاف کرنے والا خود مرزا قادیانی کے نزدیک لعنتی ھے لھذا مرزا صاحب خود اپنے فتویٰ کی بنا پر لعنتی ٹہر چکے ھیں ۔یا مولانا سعد اللہ لدھیانوی کو گالی دیتے ھوے مرزا قادیانی نے سارے رکارڈ توڑ ڈالے یعنی یہ لکھا کہ "لیموں میں سے ایک فاسق چھوٹے سے آدمی کو دیکھتا ھوں کہ وہ ایک ملعون اور شیطان سفیہوں کا نطفہ ھے ( خ 22:445) یا یہ کہ دیا کہ "تو نے اپنی خباثت سے مجھے اذیت دی اے کنجری کے بچے (ابن بغا )اگر تو ذلیل ھوکر نہ مرا تو میں سچا نھیں ۔(22:735 )یا یہ کہ دیا "مگر کیا یہ لوگ قسم کھا لیں گے؟ھر گز نھیں کیونکہ جھوٹے ھیں اور کُتّوں کی طرح جھوٹ کا مردار کھا رھے ھیں ( خ 11:309 )