This booklet is tied to Minan-ur-Rahman and the reader is urged to buy it together with Minan, which appeared long after the author's death, 13 years after the publication of this booklet.

This booklet forms part of the debacle after Abdullah Atham did not die. It is extremely polemical in form, and attempts to show that the prophecy did come true, and then attacks Muslims for supporting Christians in saying that the prophecy against the Christian did not come true.

Sections and Pages

  • 1 (RK 249): Title
  • 2,72-74: Advertisement for Minan-ur-Rahman
  • 3-7: Persian poem
  • 8-59: Why Atham had turned towards the truth because he did not prosecute 3 instances of attempted murder against him while under the duration of the prophecy.
  • 60-61: Persian poem
  • 62-71: Only 50 copies of this book will be sent out, as Minan-ur-Rahman will be published in December 1895 (it was never published, only partially after the author's death).
  • 75: Remainder of mubahila with Abdul Haq Ghaznavi