The Punjab Chiefs

This book is the primary independent source of information about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's family.

THE PUNJAB CHIEFS, by Sir Lepel H. Griffin, contains historical and biographical notices of the principal chiefs and families of note in the Punjab, with detailed pedigree tables, first published at Lahore in 1865, revised edition (2 vols.) by Charles Francis Massy published at Lahore in 1890, and revised pedigree tables published at Lahore in 1899.

The second edition of the book (2 vols.) brought out by Charles Francis Massy in 1890 extends the scope of the work . . . .

The next edition, brought out in 1909 by H.D. Craik, . . . . .

The fourth edition, revised and updated till July 1930 by G.L.Chopṛā, was published in 1940. An Urdu translation of the book was made by Bhagvān Dās and published under the title Tārīkh-i-Raūsā-i-Puñjāb.

After Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's death in 1908, the 1909 edition of the book described his son Mirza Sultan Ahmad as the Chief of Qadian.

Here are the relevant pages from the original edition of the book: