Braheen Volume 2

Title Page

Haste of the Opponents of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya

pp.3-7 (RK 53-57), the first item is an announcement, that opponents (non-Muslims) should wait for Part 1 (fasl 1) and read the actual arguments before commenting.

Important Announcement

p. 58: announcement that price is Rs25 for non-Muslims and Rs10 for Muslims - as opposed to the previously announced Rs5.

Important Request in a State of Constraint

pp. 59-70: appeal for money citing the service of Islam and 300 arguments that MGA has written and will publish.


and there are many goals that will presented and are written below:

(pages are RK pages - original book and first edition page numbers are also mentioned when ascertained)

Enumeration of Goals

First Goal

  • (page 71, 1st ed page 84) Not to hurt any feelings of members of other religions -- footnotes on how Qur'an can be proven better without proving other books as lesser. re: Arya Samaj {footnote}[Braheen Footnote 1]{footnote}
  • circa page 74 If they find those proofs to be complete and unanswerable they should accept them out of justice and fear of God and they should not turn their faces out of carelessness or malevolence. {footnote}[Braheen Footnote 2]{footnote}
  • circa page 76 And also if there is no logical difference established between truth and falsehood, then how can a seeker of the truth distinguish between them and leave falsehood and adopt the truth, and how can a person be liable before God by denying such principles. {footnote}[Braheen Footnote 3]{footnote}
  • circa page 77 That is the Quran and except it there is no other book in the world nor any other means which can fulfil this great goal of ours. {footnote}[Braheen Footnote 4]{footnote}

Second Goal

  • (page 86, 1st ed page 97) any one who wishes to respond to the arguments yet to be presented should also present arguments in favour of his/her own religion's book.

Third Goal

all arguments and proofs will be based on the Qu'ran and logic alone.

  • circa page 89 And similarly, take the truthfulness of his principles to a proven state using his own clear arguments; not that the revealed book is totally incapable of presenting its claim and proof of the claim, and totally refuse to the reasons behind the truth of its principles and another wants to stand up and be an advocate for it. {footnote}[Braheen Footnote 5]{footnote}

Fourth Goal

The book has been written (?) in a very cultured way and does not cause disrespect to the leader or personality of any religion. Ironically, the fourth item carries on into a diatribe against Arya Samaj Hindus and a long Persian poem.

  • circa page 93 From Christians, except those who have no interest in civility or research {footnote}[Braheen Footnote 6]{footnote},
    • there are thousands . . .
  • circa page 96 They have lost it at once. {footnote}[Braheen Footnote 7]{footnote}
  • circa page 98 and He has always like their country, and their language, and propets from among them. {footnote}[Braheen Footnote 8]{footnote}
  • circa page 100 and then Parmeshar became incapable of speaking or sending revelation. {footnote}[Braheen Footnote 9]{footnote}
  • circa page 112 it was an age whose state was in extreme need of a great and high-ranking Divine reformer and Heavenly guide. {footnote}[Braheen Footnote 10]{footnote}

Enumeration of Benefits

(page 128, 1st ed page 136)

  1. the book contains ALL truths on which theology is based. ALL truths whose manifestation is Islam is in here. This book will be a perfect teacher and companion for guidance.
  2. Everyone except the blind and bigoted will accept the truth of Islam presented in 300 strong and absolute proofs.
  3. The third benefit is that there is an answer to all questions from all religions
  4. In addition to Islamic principles, a lot of research and discussion of other's religious principles
  5. Divine truths and concepts will be known through this book.
  6. Will be a source for knowledge and maturity of thought and logic