It started out as a quarterly periodical, but the very second issue came out after a delay and spanned 6 months, and turned out to be the last issue. Although supposedly edited by Siraj-ul-Haq, it continues with the polemics of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad


  • First Issue (June, July, August, 1895)
    • RK 324 Title Page
    • RK 325-329 Advertisement for Minan-ur-Rahman
    • 1-4 Guidance
    • 4-43 Proof 1 in support of Quran
  • Second Issue (September, October, November, 1895 and January, February and March 1896)
    • RK 373 Title Page
    • RK 374-375 Important Announcement for Readers regarding contents
    • RK 393: The Messiah (Jesus), due to his defective message, suffered from this deficit in his words and deeds. however, due to natural demands, Europe and Christianity came up with their own devices. In all fairness you see for yourself that what has culminated in the worst form of immorality: the entire country is an impure brothel of prostitutes; in broad daylight thousands upon thousands in (sic) Hyde Parks are on top of each other like dogs and bitches. At last, fed up with this improper freedom they make a hue and cry, and suffering for a long time from this debauchery and immorality they end up with the divorce decree. All this is the consequence of this (Christian teaching).
    • In response to (the Christian priest) Fateh Maseeh's first letter: I received your letter to Maulvi Abdul Kareem Sialkoti and am reluctantly forced to make a caricature of Jesus in order to answer your questions. Topics are around Muhammad(saw) and his wives.
    • 20-26 Islamic Sympathy of the Maulvis of Amritsar: Ahl-e-Hadith maulvis of Amritsar did not sign a petition to extend the scope of extending Section 298 of the Penal Code. They also blame Mirza's insulting language for the rancour of the Hindus and Christians towards Muslims.
    • In response to (the Christian priest) Fateh Maseeh's second letter
      • 27-45 First Objection: Muhammad(saw) allowed lying in three situations.
      • 46-50 Second Objection: The teaching of heaven is selfish and holds no charm for a pious person.
      • 51-54 Third Objection: Islam only holds responsible for sins committed and not intentions.
      • 54-68 Fourth Objection: Islamic teachings prohibit loving people of other religions.
        • 61 Another objection: that Islam does not ask to love God selflessly for who He is.
      • 69-74 Fifth Objection: Muhammad(saw) saw a strange woman, and came home to his wife Saudah to satisfy his desire. The wife mentioned in the Hadith is Zainab and not Saudah. It was an abundance of precaution. The Christian God (Jesus) could not control his hunger and ate from a fig tree that did not belong to him or to his father. Strange that an alcoholic and glutton (Jesus) is not held accountable whereas the pure person whose every act was from God is being described as driven by desire. Jesus would not have allowed a prostitute to massage his head and rub her hair on his feet, and Jesus even defended her. Imageine: a young jesus, drunk and single, with a beautiful woman next to him; and he could not even go to his wife to relieve himself.
      • 75-77 Seventh Objection: why was temporary marriage was allowed and then disallowed? Soldiers continued in their old ways until it was forbidden, as explained in Arya Dharam. Were Jesus and his grandmothers not guilty of adultery? British Cantonment Ordinance 13 of 1889 allows the procurement of prostitutes for British soldiers and even Sir George White, commander of British Indian armed forces, said the same.
    • 77-78 Letter of praise from Adud-ud-Din regarding Noor-ul-Haq
    • 79 Names of people who are resident assistants of Mirza
    • 80 Regulations on the purchase of these periodicals
    • 81-83 Ad by Zia-ud-Din regarding Abdullah Ghaznavi's vision about the bad state of Muhammad Hussain Batalvi
    • 83 Footnotes about Marham-e-Eesa, which appeared in other editions, have been removed from this edition and are included with Sat Bachan