Babu Ilahi Baksh

Babu Ilahi Baksh is yet another one of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's early adherents and confidants who turned away.

Letter to Babu Ilahi Bakhsh Sahib

From: "trusting-in-Allah-the-One" Ghulam Ahmad, may Allah protect him and help him.

To: Respected Babu Ilahi Bakhsh Sahib

Assalamu Alaikum wa-Rahmatullahi wa-Barakaatuh

After that prior correspondence, my humble self has been waiting for the "ilhaams" from your respected person, but I cannot make out the cause of your delay. I, with absolutely good intentions which the Noble Allah knows, requested for them so that, if Allah wills, there be some decision regarding these contradicting "ilhaams" – for such contradictions and conflicts among "ilhaams" causes serious damage to Islam and gives an opportunity for the opponents of Islam to laugh and raise objections – and in that way, the religion is undermined.

How can it be that God sends an "ilhaam" to one person that "you are a holy person of God and better than, and superior to, all the believers of the age, and similar to prophets, and the promised Messiah, and the Mujaddid (renewer) of the fourteenth century, and the beloved of God, and like Prophets in your rank, and Messenger of God, and dignified and near-to-God in His Court and similar to Jesus son of Mary" – and then goes and sends "ilhaam" to the other person that the same person is "Pharaoh and worst liar and grave-sinner and evildoer and unbeliever and such and such."

Similarly, can it be that He sends "ilhaam" to this person that "whoever does not follow you and pledge allegiance to you and remains an opponent to you - disobeys God and the Prophet and is destined for Hell". And then goes and sends "ilhaam" to the other person that "those who follow him follow the way of wretchedness."

Thus, you can understand what a big calamity such diverse "ilhaams" are for Islam and (cause) different sects to appear – (sects) that are avowed opponents of each other. Therefore, it is empathetic to Islam that we decide among these conflicting "ilhaams" and I am certain that God will make some way for such a decision and will deliver Muslims from this calamity. But such decision can only come about when the recipients of "ilhaams" do not adopt feminine qualities - and become men of the battlefield and publish with sincerity whatever types of "ilhaams" they have - and do not conceal any "ilhaam" about the truth or falsehood (of the claimant). Then there is hope for a Divine decision.

This is why I sent "oaths-invoking-Allah" in my previous letter so that you would expedite your "ilhaams" to me but you did not care. This (following) excuse is not acceptable to me: that you have so many "ilhaams" opposing me that you need a long time to analyze them. In my opinion, this work should not take more than a few minutes, and in the extreme case, you can write the analysis and commentary in two hours. This (estimate) is not applicable if you are intending to write another book. It is appropriate that you have mercy on this Ummah and respect for the "oaths-invoking-Allah" – and actually publish two or three hundred of your "ilhaams" and send them my way - which should take you one to one and a half hours. I cannot accept that (your) "ilhaams" are made up of long text - they must be like (these of) your "ilhaams" – "musrif"(grave sinner) and "kadhdhaab" (great liar). In such case, you know how many such "ilhaams" can fit on one page of paper!

I again invoke Allah in oath to you that you should have mercy on the condition of the Muslims – and publish and send your "ilhaams" as soon as you get this letter. I am also very saddened that you made a baseless complaint against me that I had allegedly been disrespectful to Maulvi Abdullah Ghaznavi. (..... continued)