Prominent People who Left the Cult

As with all cults, educated and thinking people leave it. With the Ahmadiyya, it is especially difficult to leave as there is complete social isolation within the cult, with no external social and/or family ties allowed. Therefore, the vast majority of those who leave do so slowly and silently. Here is a list of some prominent people who left openly.

Friends and Confidants of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who Reneged

Prominent Families and Individuals who left the Cult

  • Rulers of Maleer Kotla
  • Hafiz Bashir Ahmad Masri, scholar
  • Father of Arif Abdul Mateen, Urdu Poet
  • Hamid Ahmed, Entrepreneur, Karachi Pakistan
  • Z A Sulehri, editor of Pakistan Times
  • Munir D. Ahmed's grandfather and himself
  • Maulana Lal Hussein Akhtar, scholar
  • Hassan bin Mahmood al-Odeh (Director of Arabic Programming/Publication of Ahmadiyya), Ahmad bin Mahmood al-Odeh, former President of Ahmadiyya in Sweden, and their brother, Salih bin Mahmood Odeh. They are from the Kababir clan, the only Arab presence of the Ahmadiyya. Hassan wrote a detailed book about his experiences.
  • Ahmad Karim Shaikh, co-ordinator of clandestine missions of the Ahmadiyya and founder of the web site
  • Shahid Kamal Ahmad, founder of web site. His book is embedded at the bottom of this page.
  • Ibrahim Lamholt, from Denmark
  • Tamim Maaita, Jordanian
  • Ahmad Hussain Abu Sardana, of Gaza
  • Saleem Al-Jabi, of Syria
  • Ismail Babatunde Jose of Nigeria
  • Ibrahim Abu Nab - journalist - published four articles in a Kuwait daily about Hassan Odeh's departure
  • Alhaj Abu Bakr Saeed and S.P. Tayo of Ghana (circa 1974)
  • Dr. Ismail Balogun of Nigeria, author of "Islam versus Ahmadiyyah in Nigeria", published by Sh. Muhammad Ashraf, Kashmiri Bazar, Lahore
  • Shaikh Amri Abedi, first black mayor of Dar es Salaam and close advisor to Julius Nyerere, and Minister of Justice of Tanganyika (disputed that he left, TBD)
  • Ahtesham-ul-Haq Abdul Bari of Bombay, India
  • Shaikh Raheel Ahmad, a scholar from Germany
  • Muzaffar Ahmad, a poet from Germany
  • Professor Munawwer Ahmad Malik, Pakistan
  • Miklos Molnar, former General Secretary of the Ahmadiyya in Hungary
  • Usman Barry, Ireland
  • Akber Ahmed Choudhry, author of this site, and children
  • Amjad Saqlawy (Jordan)
  • Osama Sayed (UK) and family
  • Khalid Jamal Ahmad (UK)
  • Fouzia Faizi (US)
  • Raeesa Toor (pen name, UK)
  • Omar Wasdan (Morocco)