Mirza Tahir Ahmad

Mirza Tahir Ahmad was the fourth leader (khalifa) of the Qadiani Ahmadiyya, from 1982 to 2003.

He was educated in England but did not graduate. He was a practicing homeopath and led his community to believe that homeopathy held the keys to the solution of the medical problems of the world.

Friday the 10th

I remeber Mirza Tahir Ahmed giving a Khtaba on the topic Friday the 10th. It was probably sometimes in 1984 when he was in London after his escape from Pakistan. I vividly remember, he was referring to persecution and killing of innocent Ahmadies in Pakistan. He said because of the persecution of Ahmedies in Pakistan, on the date, Friday the 10th God wanted to punish the people in Karachi, Pakistan when a hurricane was coming in the Arabian Sea with the tidal waves of more than 10 feet high. According to him God had mercy on people of Karachi and saved them as the tidal waves of more than 10 feet high could not reach the Karachi shores. I God forbid those waves had touched the shores the whole of Karachi had submerged under more water. This hurricane according to him came on Friday the 10th. (Mushtaq Malik)

Illness and Death

In the last few years of his life, he was afflicted by weakness and psychological debilitation. Despite the fact that he forgot parts of the prayer services and sometimes rushed through prayers so fast that followers could not keep up, no one else led the prayer. This is rather unusual and shows the cult-like characteristics of the Qadiani Ahmadiyya. This condition improved slightly just before his death.

One account of his death:

Mirza Tahir Ahmed started suffering from heart attack at 4:00 p.m. on FRIDAY, and he is reported to have had about 5 heart attacks from 4:00 p.m. FRIDAY till 9:30 a.m. Saturday, when he breathed his last.

SO FRIDAY BECAME THE STARTING POINT OF FATAL HEART ATTACKS...Hazoor had heart failure...there's a BIG difference between heart failure and heart attack...this heart attack theory is garbage and ill tell you exactly why it is...i remember friday april 18th...i remember listening to the friday sermon here in the morning, and hazoor was perfectly fine...infact, hazoor had a question answer session from 8-10 PM in the evening london time during that friday, i remember this because i saw the replay of it later on that night over here on friday...he looked great, answering all the questions over a 2 hour period, at the end he said 'lets read namaz and get to work, theres lots to be done'...and he lead maghrib and isha...he went to sleep around 1 AM and slept fine during the night and woke up for fajr namaz and went to the masjid to lead it in the morning, after that he went back to sleep again for about an hour and a half and then woke up to eat breakfast...after breakfast he told his son-in-law that he was feeling a little tired so he wanted to rest for half an hour until private secretary came to start their daily activities...so he went upstairs, his son-in law went up to his room around 9:30, half an hour after hazoor went up, and saw that he was laying down on his bed with his left hand resting on his face, and tried to wake him up but there was no response...hazoor however hadnt passed away at the time, his son-inlaw got hazoors doctor, dr. nury who was on the premises and he rushed to his room...where he tried to perform CPR but unfortunately it was to no avail and then he peacefully passed away a few minutes after 9:30...i know these facts bc hazoors 2nd in command bodyguard is my <relative>..., on top of that i saw the question answer session with my own eyes, besides...if he suffered 5 heart attacks from 4 PM till 9:30 am...how did he do the question answer session, lead namaz, went back to his office to do work til 1 in the morning, woke up to lead fajr, went back to sleep, woke up again and ate breakfast? and after that around 9:30 passed away? 5 heart attacks? he would truly have to be a man of GOD to do all that stuff, and be suffereing from fatal heart attacks at the same time.... (Ahsan Malik)