During Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's life, solar and lunar eclipses occurred in the month of Ramadan according to the prophecy of Muhammad(saw).

There is no such Hadith, but a rather discredited statement attributed to Imam Baqir. Even in that discredited statement, the dates are an astronomical impossibility. Further conjecture is not even worthy of discussion, and even if the conjecture were to have any substance, such eclipses (acccording to the conjecture) occur every few years

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Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was killed according to the Mirza's prophecy.

Mirza had an inspiration in Arabic 'a dog dying like a dog' and it was about someone he had a feud with. Bhutto was 51 years and 3 months when he was hanged in 1979. According to an archaic form of Arabic numerology, the abjad system, the number of the Arabic word dog is k+l+b = 20+30+2 = 52. So, post facto this was a 'prophecy'.

All Ahmadis voted for Bhutto in 1971, but turned against him due to the 1974 constitutional amendment that declared Qadianis to be non-Muslims. This was the level of the foresight of the 'prophecy'.

Zia-ul-haq was killed due to the Qadiani Khalifa Mirza Tahir's prediction.

Mirza Tahir challenged Muslim scholars to a prayer duel, and when many accepted, he did not respond. The one mubahila he accepted publicly (from Ilyas Sattar), Mirza Tahir fell into a terminal illness within months which incapacitated him and made him lose his mental focus until his death.

On 12 August 1988, he said that God had told him in a dream that a severe punishment was to come upon the tormentors of the Ahmadis in Pakistan unless they desisted from their behaviour. And that the punishment of one group of people will become a lesson for others. He mentioned the government as not doing enough to stop the 'persecution' but never addressed the government.

A few days later, a C130 plane crashed, killing the President, the US ambassador and other military figures. None of the addressees of the prayer duel (mubahila) – Islamic scholars – were affected by it.

The Prophet(saw) put his hand on Salman Farsi and prophesied that Imam Mahdi would be from your progeny?

One Hadith has it that when the second verse of the Chapter Jumuah of the Quran was revealed, it mentioned 'others who have not yet joined'.

The Prophet's companions asked: 'Who are these others'? The question was to open up the topic of internationalisation of Islam, and the Prophet replied 'even if faith were near the Pleiades (very far away), people from his nation (Salman the Persian) would attain it.'

The meaning is very clear: Arabs should not be feel too special for being addressed in that verse as being 'cleansed' by accepting Islam – as the best form of faith was accessible to all nations and there would be future Muslims form Persia who would reach the subtleties of faith and attain it.

Ahmadiyya translate 'attain' as 'bring it back' which is false. Also, this has nothing to do with 'aakhireen' (people of the latter days), but with 'aakhareen' (simply others). Again, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had nothing to do with Persian ancestry.