Braheen Sub-footnote 3

pp.497-498 Thereafter the revelation (Arabic) came: Had faith ascended to the Pleiades he would have brought it down. Its oil might well nigh glow forth even if no fire touched it. Do they say: We are a strongly supported host? This host will be routed and they will run away turning their backs. When they see a sign they turn away and say: This is ancient magic. Their hearts are convinced of it. They said: There is now no way of escape. It is by the mercy of Allah that thou art gentle with them. If thou hadst been harsh and hard hearted they would have scattered away from around thee. Even if they were to witness Quranic miraclesby which mountains could be moved, they would still continue to deny. These revelations were vouchsafed with reference to the people who had behaved in that way and it may be that there might be others who talk in the same way and even after being convinced would continue to deny.