Dr. Salam Personal Life

Fraser, "Cosmic Anger", page 230-231

"Salam and Louise Johnson were married in a Muslim wedding in London in 1968. An unlikely witness was Paul Mathews, Salam's long-time research partner and professor at Imperial. 36. In Islamic terms, his new relationship was a marriage, so Salam was following the edicts of a religion that expressly forbids fornication. 37. but on the other hand it was sufficiently distant from a union that had taken place between cousins in Pakistan as not to cause alarm. The freedom and support that Salam's unorthodox lifestyle required was freely given on all sides, and the unconventional arrangement worked. By deft planning and attention to detail, and by supreme forbearance by those involved, Salam was able to manage his unconventional matrimonial affairs, shuttling between Trieste, London and Oxford. Salam was discreet about all of this, but on the other hand did not keep it secret. His 'second family' became regular summer visitors at Trieste."

36---Salam would have preferred 2 Muslim witnesses to his new marriage, and this was duly rectified in a second marriage ceremony in 1973.

Dr. Salam had both of his wives living less than a mile apart in 1990--1996 era.

Another biography: Dr. Abdus Salam, by Jagjit Singh. Says, he admired Muhammad Iqbal, the poet philosopher.

According to his colleague, Dr. Weinberger, Dr. Salam was fond of "Scotch" whiskey:

An excerpt from Steven Weinberg's interview conducted by Richard Dawkins in which Dr. Abdus Salaam is stated to be a 'drinker' and that he drank "scotch".