Munir D. Ahmed

A former missionary of the Ahmadiyya who was assigned to the German branch. He is now an author in Urdu and German.

Muniruddin Ahmed is a source of history on the Ahmadiyya. His biography of his grandfather, Maulvi Muhammad Fazal Khan and his autobiography contain a lot of information about the Ahmadiyya (links below).

He writes:

Asylum in Germany

You cannot say that I have not lived outside of the Jama'at. I have stated somewhere that I left the Jama'at 42 years ago and have since not gone to their mosque more than a couple of times. I hardly know anybody among the Ahmadis in Germany.

But I helped them to get asylum in this country. I was appointed special rapporteur by the German courts in their case. Even the Ahmadiyya mission in Germany criticized my reports and said that there was no persecution of the Ahmadiyya in Pakistan. They worked hand in hand with the German Embassy in Islamabad and tried to prove that my assessment was wrong. They changed their attitude only after they saw the swelling number of Ahmadis in Germany was benefiting them.

I did it on humanitarian grounds and because it was my firm belief that no body should be persecuted for his or her belief. It was a hard time for me to work against two institutions with vested interests. The Ahmadiyya wanted to please the Government of Pakistan and the German Embassy wanted to save Germany from the hoards of Ahmadis, who wanted to settle down here.

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