Need for Biography

Allama Muhammad Iqbal writes in Letter to Nehru

A careful psychological analysis of the revelations of the founder would perhaps be an effective method of dissecting the inner life of his personality. In this connection, I may mention Maulvi Manzur Elahi's collection of the founder's revelations which offers rich and varied material for psychological research. In my opinion the book provides a key to the character and personality of the founder and I do hope that one day some young student of modern psychology will take it up for serious study.

Munir D. Ahmed writes:

I could imagine that a resourceful author consults all the material which is available about the life of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and tries to produce his new biography. My recommendation will be to go through his dreams and revelations, which are available also in English thanks to the labor of love by Ch. Zafrullah Khan. It is called "Tadhkirah" and is available from the London Mosque.It was published by "Saffron Books" in 1976.

This book contains more information about him than any other source could yield. The dreams are the real indicator of the hopes, wishes, fears and anguishes of a person. If this author is also a psychologist by training besides being a writer and a good researcher, he or she could open quite a new world to us. I hope we will find such a competent author soon.

If we don't find him or her, I will take up this job God willing after I have finished some of the books I am currently working on.

Existing Biographies