My Attitude Towards the British Government

In 1894, the Civil and Military Gazette editorialized that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a threat to either the peace or to the government. This booklet is a response to that and the author is clearly upset and a bit rattled by the item.

"Dr. Henry Martyn Clark and his European colleagues must have felt jubilant in their hearts at the severe blow which they had struck against Ahmad(as), but those who knew were convinced that Christianity had become bankrupt. By resorting to such mean tricks Christian missionaries proved that they had nothing better to say. Like the pharisees of old they wanted to entangle the Son of Man. But Ahmad(as) refuted the mischievous and baseless allegation by a leaflet printed at the Gulzar Muhammadi Press of Lahore, which he issued on December 10th, 1894. An English translation of this leaflet (entitled My Attitude towards the British Government) was sent not only to the local authorities but also to Queen Victoria, the Governor-General of India and the Leut. Governor of the Punjab. He reiterated his traditional loyalty and his selfless and unique services but emphatically repudiated and criticised the manufactured dogmas of the present-day Christian religion, which were a clear distortion of the beautiful teachings of Jesus(as)."

(Reference: Dard page 435-436)