Sanaullah Amritsari

A Muslim religious scholar and contemporary of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

He was also issued a death prophecy, but he survived for approximately 40 years after the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. There was a 'reverse' death prophecy that the Mirza would die within Amritsari's lifetime, which happened almost a year after the publication of these dual prophecies.

Sanaullah Amritsari published these books, among others:

  • Aafatullah - an account of the prophecy against him and the attempts to justify it.
  • Ilhamat-e-Mirza - a critical account of the 'revelations' of Mirza.
  • Shah-i Inglistan aur Mirza Qadiyan (The King of England and Mirza of Qadian), 1921, 12 pages
  • Ilham‎ (Revelation), 1904, 16 pages
  • Islam aur British Law, yani siasat-i Muhammadiya aur qavanin-i Angrezi ka muqabla (Islam and British Law: Muhammadan politics and Confrontation with English Law), 1924, 48 pages
  • Shamʻ-i Tauheed (Candle of Divine Unity), 1938, 40 pages
  • Masʻalah-yi Hijaz par nazar (A look at the Problem of Hijaz), 1925, 28 pages, Muslim pilgrims and pilgrimages
  • Tarikh-i Mirza (History of Mirza), 1923, 64 pages
  • Muraqqaʻ-i Qadiani (The Qadiani Mosaic), 1917, 64 pages
  • Nikat-i Mirza, 1926, 40 pages
  • ʻAqaʼid-i Mirza (Beliefs of Mirza), 1928, 8 pages
  • Khitab ba Maududi (An Address to Maududi), 1946, 64 pages
  • Hudus-i Ved, 1905, 16 pages
  • Bahas-i Tanasukh (Controversy of Transmigration of Souls), 1909, 46 pages
  • Hadith-i nabavi aur taqleed-i shakhsi, 1924, 32 pages
  • Turk-i Islam bar Tark-i Islam (Turks and Islam), 1903, 236 pages
  • Fiqh aur faqih (Jurisprudence and the Religious Jurist), 1925, 28 pags
  • ʻAjaʼibat Mirza risālah "ʻIlm-i Kalam-i Mirza" ka doosra hissa (The Oddities of the booklet 'Writings of Mirza as Literature', part two), 1933, 25 pages
  • Qadiani Half ki Haqeeqat