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(Introduction to book as exegesis of the first chapter of the Quran, Al-Fatiha, and references the 'challenge') . . . and I have named it 'Ijaz-ul-Masih' (Supernatural power of the Messiah) and it has been printed in the Zia-ul-Islam Press in 70 days from the month of fasting in the year 1318 A.H. and the Christian month of 20 February 1901. Printed at Qadian, District Gurdaspur by Hakim Fazal Din Bhervi. Price: Quantity: 700.

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I write in Urdu for general information that God, out of His Grace, completed this booklet within 70 days on 20 February 1901. The truth is that it all happened out of His Grace. During this period, my humble self was afflicted with various diseases and illnesses and there was a fear that this work would not be finished. Because of weakness and attacks of illness, I was not doing well enough to even raise a pen; and even if I was healthy, how would I have the capacity? (persian proverb). Then I figured out the secret behind these physical illnesses – it was so that my followers out of my friends should not think that this is a result of my mental faculty. So, He proved through illnesses and obstructions that this is not a work of my heart or my mind. In this thought, my opponents are completely true when they say that this is not his work, there must be some hidden person who helps him. So, I bear witness that there really is someone else who helps me, but he is not human but rather the same Capable and Strong before whose throne our head is. If someone else can help in such a supernatural venture, then readers should anticipate that together with this book others like it, hundreds of other exegesis of Surah Al-Fatiha have been published or are about to be published – within the seventy days as in the condition laid out by me – as that is the criterion for the decision. Especially Syed Mehr Ali Shah – I am sure that he must have tried to write some exegesis, for how else can he show his face to those people to whom he said that he is travelling to Lahore to write the exegesis. It is obvious that if he could not write in 70 days, then how could he have written in 7 hours? Therefore, this is a great sign for the judges to see the support of God, for by setting the deadline of 70 days, hundreds of maulvis were invited to oppose me; what is their answer now as to why they could not publish an exegesis like mine? This is the miracle, what else is a miracle?

(Urdu poem that says that the miracle of this writing is proof of his being Messiah)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Qadian, 20 February 1901

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The followers of Mehr Ali – one of my opponents – claimed that he is a complete scholar and a great saint. After he claimed that he is a scholar, and knows the Quran and is of the wise ones, I invited him to accept my challenge by writing a Tafseer like my Tafseer, he was stupid and didn't accept. I say: even if he was as good as al-Hamadhani or al-Hareeri, he would not be able to write like my writing.

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