The Selangor Islamic Religious Department/Selangor Council of Islamic Religion (JAIS/MAIS) have issued fatwas that Qadiani teaching is not Islamic and has practically categorized Qadianis/Ahmadi as “apostates.” Additionally, a notice issued on April 24, 2009 by MAIS, the highest religious authority in the State of Selangor second only to the Sultan, prohibits Ahmadi Muslims from praying in and otherwise peacefully utilizing their Baitussalam Center (House of Peace), which is located at 11-A, Jalan Nakhoda Kanan, Kampong Nakhoda, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.

US president Obama has also commented on the issue in general terms.

UPDATE August 2020

[At the trial of 39 members of the Ahmadiyya] . . . Badariah, who will go on mandatory retirement next month, said Ahmadiyya were, as with all other persons, entitled to the freedom of religion subject to Articles 11(4) and (5) of the Federal Constitution.

“But because of the dual legal system in Malaysia, their status, as to whether they are Muslims or not, coupled by the fact that their MyKad may state their religion to be ‘Islam’ may give rise to ambiguity in their religious status,” she said.

She said the difficulties were compounded as the issuance of MyKads by the National Registration Department is pursuant to federal powers.

Badariah said perhaps it was timely that all the states along with the federal government worked out a unified regime to determine the religious status of the Ahmadiyya so that they are not put at risk of shariah investigation and prosecution.