Seeratul Mahdi

This is a three-volume book written by Mirza Bashir Ahmad that documents the life of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad through the narrations of people who heard him or saw him.

The first edition became very controversial due to some not-so-flattering narrations. The files and references below are from the second edition. The Qadiani Ahmadiyya have since stopped its publication, and do not refer to it at all.

Volume 1

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  1. Dalhousie Mountain: Page 6 - One day i went on Dalhousei mountain for a petition (which petition heard on a mountain) in the way rain came. Me and my friend laid down of the lorry (tonga) and went to a house which beside the way. My friend headed to house and asked for permission to go inside the owner of house rejected on which quarrel began between them, he said i never allow the strangers to come in (everyone do so, therefore what was the reason for fighting)the owner started abusing, mgaq says due to this fight of words i step forward, but before i said something when my eyes clashed with his eyes he leaned his head and said "asal main baat yeh hay keh mere aik jawan larki hay is liye main ajnabi aadmi ko ghar main ghusnay nahin deta, lekin aap beshak jayen" (I have young daughter so thays why i do not permitt starangers to go inside my house but that's not about you you can enter). Here Mirza sahib had not told who was the friend with him and who was that person in whose house he entered, even he haven't told the case for which he was there, its just clear that there is no reality in this as Mirza sahib never got attention of muslims who were true believers so he tried to prove his miracles which were never done by him at any time on any place he is just lying here, otherwise when ever he said about a petition he maps all the history of the case but here it is not the same which proves his falsehood
  2. Squandering Money with Imamuddin: Page 43 - "My mother told me that Mirza Sahib, one day, during his youth, went to collect the pension of his grandfather (700 rupees - Seeratul Mahdi, Vol. 1, P. 131). Following him was a person by the name of Imamuddin. When he received the pension, Imamuddin mislead him and took him outside Qadian. They roamed about from place to place. When his holiness had squandered all he had, Imamuddin deserted him leaving him alone and left for some other place. However, his holiness, the Promised Messiah, did not return home for shame and for fear of infamy. And since his grandfather's desire was that he be employed somewhere, he went to Sialkot and got himself employed for a miserably low salary (ten rupees a month)."
  3. Noorudin supporting MGAQ's nubuwwat in 1891, see page 96-99

Volume 2

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Volume 3

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