Peace Studies Journal Vol 9 Issue 1

The Journal

PSJ founded in 2007 is an international peer-reviewed scholarly open access journal in the field of peace, conflict and justice studies. Most of the board are academics from Idaho.


Mubarak Ahmad and Mahsood Shah, at least one of them is a practicing member of the Ahmadiyya Community


Titled "Engaging Youth in Peace: A study of the Ahmadiyya Community", the article is a disjointed narrative of the rather leading questions presented to the captive audience in the form of a survey.


A study undertaken with '80 youth' is nothing but a fawning tribute to the faith of the authors wherein the word 'peace' is used in its most abstract illustrative sense, rather than be subjected to the rigour of academic definition.

The authors are based in Sydney, Australia and fail to report that most of the 80 youth that participated in the Ahmadiyya youth camp are there under coercion from the community and their parents. Nothing much of value is learned from the paper except Ahmadiyya propaganda and further description of the contents is not warranted here.